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Paper pot planting systems and other innovations for small farms. 


Paper Pot Systems:
Revolutionize your planting workflow.


264 plants per flat.
In the ground in less than a minute!

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Paper pot transplanter planting rows of spinach.

No fossil fuels or noise.
Made in Wisconsin.

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Spinach planted in paper pots.

Single & double row transplanters

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We understand farms
because we are farmers.

We've been importing and selling the paper chain pot system since 2006. But we've been farming since 1999, growing vegetables and herbs for wholesale markets in the Madison and Chicago areas. We discovered the paper chain pot system while spending a year in Japan in 2004-2005...


New! Complete the Conversion to Biodegradable paper

Non-chain paper pots replace plastic cell trays.

Enjoy the benefits of soil blocks without the time and expense of making soil blocks. Non-chain paper pots come in a variety of common cell counts and fit in the same durable bottom flats as paper chain pots.

Non-chain paper pots with spreading clip.
Non-chain paper pots in a planting tray.