An alternative for manual transplanting

Non-Chain Paper Pots


Non-chain paper pots are perfect for growing transplants of most any type and size. They are available in standard flat sizes such as 50s, 72s, 105s, 128s, and 220s. They are used with the same trays as the paper chain pots. These non-chain paper pots are held open using plastic clips before being filled with potting soil. The clips are then removed. When the transplants are ready for planting, the paper pots come apart easily for planting by hand or mechanized transplanting. This is also a great system for transplant sales, allowing customers to choose exactly the number of plants they want... without having to buy throw-away plastic cell packs.

The non-chain paper pots were originally only available with a synthetic fungicide impregnated into the paper so were not allowable on organic farms. (NOTE: The chain paper pots have NEVER been made with a fungicide.) We are now working with our Japanese partner to make non-chain paper pots available without the fungicide; these will be available for the 2018 growing season.

We used the non-chain paper pots to grow tomato and pepper seedlings the past two years and were very pleased with the results. It was like growing in soil blocks but without the time and hassle of making soil blocks!

For 2019, we will have the 72 cell and 128 cell count paper pots available. We anticipate having the 105 and 50 count paper pots in the near future.